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How We Started

J.R. Lucas and James Schreiber, co-founders of American Cooling Technology, Inc. both got their start in bus air conditioning at an early age. It all started back in the early 1980’s when their fathers founded A/C Industries located in York, PA. In 1983 their growing company was in need of assemblers, welders, and bus air conditioning installers. J.R. and James were added to the work force. While working his way through college J.R. had the opportunity to learn the air conditioning manufacturing process and became one of the company’s top installers specializing in compressor mount design and installation. James got his start in unit assembly and installation as well as product development. As the company grew there was a greater need for sales representation and service training.

With their combined experience J.R. and James moved in to fill those positions. J.R. in sales and James in service. That move would soon become the platform that would launch a new company.


In 1991 the fathers, John Lucas and partner Dick Schreiber had an opportunity to enjoy the fruits of their labor and sold A/C Industries to Carrier Corporation. J.R. and James stayed on and worked with the company for six years. Having been brought up doing business from a family perspective they knew there was an opportunity to get back to their roots and mapped out a new beginning


The vision of J.R. Lucas and James Schreiber became reality in January of 1998 when American Cooling Technology, Inc. (A.C.T.) was founded. A.C.T. was built from the ground up as a true customer-focused manufacturer of bus air conditioning systems.



At A.C.T. customers can speak directly to owners or A.C.T. employees empowered to make the decision necessary to get the job done. Keeping in step with the founder’s roots A.C.T. used the most advanced proven technology to create air conditioning systems to fill a growing need in the bus market. A.C.T. customers enjoy a company that is easy to work with and builds long-life products that are easy to service. American Cooling Technology takes great pride in understanding our customer’s requirements and developing long-lasting, mutually profitable relationships built on performance and trust.


J.R. and James agree their motto “Success Through Simplicity” says it all.


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