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Who We Are

American Cooling Technology (ACT) is a leading supplier of advanced Air Conditioning Systems for the Bus industry.  ACT designs and manufactures AC systems for various bus markets including the Commercial & Tour Bus, Shuttle, Para-Transit & Transit as well as School and Activity Bus Markets.


Located in York, PA American Cooling Technology (ACT) along with its sister division ProAir LLC located in Elkhart, IN combine to form ProAir Holdings, a leading supplier of mobile HVAC systems for Buses and Specialty Vehicles.


ProAir LLC was founded in 1992 in Elkhart, IN to design and manufacture HVAC systems for the specialty vehicle market including emergency vehicles, delivery vans, cranes, off road equipment and buses. ProAir was purchased by KODA Enterprises in 1998 and became a part of their specialty manufacturing group.


American Cooling Technology traces its roots back to AC Industries which was founded in 1983 and acquired by Carrier Corp in 1992. In 1998 former AC Industries & Carrier employees formed American Cooling Technology which was acquired by KODA Enterprises and combined with ProAir LLC in May 2011 to form a major component of a new entity ProAir Holdings.


The combined strengths and capabilities of American Cooling Technology and ProAir LLC have generated growth and opportunity for ProAir Holdings to become a leading supplier of Bus and Specialty Vehicle Air Conditioning in North America. 

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