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ACT & Easter Seals

What is Easter Seals?



Easter Seals has been serving South Central Pennsylvania since 1923. They have a proven 
and long-standing reputation of providing outstanding programs for children and young adults with 
The Pennsylvania Department of Health recognizes Easter Seals South Central Pennsylvania 
as “an outstanding provider of health and other special services to children and families,” and that 
Easter Seals maintains a “shared belief that family and child health is a community responsibility.”
Easter Seals has been first for 23 years among National Health Council Members for 
percentage of dollars spent on direct services. Out of one dollar, ninety-seven cents goes directly 
back to program services.
Easter Seals is a 501 (c) 3 (nonprofit organization).
Take a minute to think about the ways that you walk, run or move around in the course of your day. Picture the way you communicate with your family, friends and coworkers. Did you dress yourself this morning? Did you receive a hug from a loved one? For some of the families served at Easter Seals, these questions are difficult to answer. Easter Seals families represent more than 50 different disabilities including spina bifida, autism, cerebral palsy, blindness, deafness and a host of other disabilities. The staff at Easter Seals provides programs that enable clients to develop skills that enhance independence, equality and dignity for the individual with special needs.
If you have questions about specific programs, please calll, Easter Seals at (717) 741-3891

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