Make a Warranty Claim

In the event a failure occurs within the warranty period, please follow the steps below so our team can better assist you.

1) Call ACT for Authorization Prior to Performing Repairs Toll-Free at 877-228-4247.
A) Provide ACT unit serial number to verify warranty.
B) Determine service center.
C) Service center to communicate repair procedure and agree on cost.

2) Repair
A) Perform repair according to ACT instructions.
B) Replacement parts must be provided by ACT unless otherwise preauthorized by ACT.

3) ACT Will Complete Warranty Claim Form and Send to Repair Facility. Including the Following Information.
A) Service center name.
B) Customer name.
C) Unit serial number.
D) Complete description of failure and repair.
E) Signature.
F) Total cost.

4) Submitted Completed Warranty Claim Form to ACT with Labor Invoice Matching Agreed Total Cost Within 30 Days of Failure

5) Depending on the Nature of the Failure, ACT May Require the Failed Part(s) to be Returned to ACT For Evaluation

Please Return Failed Parts According to ACT Instructions Within 30 Days

Warranty Claims Will Not Be Paid Until Defective Parts Are Returned And Evaluated.


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