Have a question about parts, units, systems, or services? See our list of FAQs for help.

How do I know which ACT system will work best for my vehicle?

One of our dedicated customer service employees can help you to determine which system will be best for your vehicle by completing one of our Bus Application Questionnaires. This will provide us with the necessary information to provide the appropriate system with an adequate BTU rating, and the best components for your system.

How do I locate the serial number for one of my ACT units?

There will be a serial number to identify each component of your ACT system. (ie. Evaporator, condenser and compressor).

The serial number for the evaporator will be located under the cover. You can shine a flash light into the louver to see the serial number without taking the cover off for all in-wall mounted evaporators. For ceiling hung evaporators you would need to shine the flashlight through the air inlet grill.

The condenser serial number will be located on the skirt, or roof top condenser in between the motors.

The compressor serial number will be located on the top of the compressor, or on the compressor serial number card that came with the vehicle.

What is the warranty for my ACT system?

ACT’s standard warranty is two year/ unlimited mileage warranty. If you have any questions about your warranty coverage please contact the ACT Service Department at 877-228-4247.

Where can I purchase replacement parts for my ACT system?

ACT provides distributors throughout the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico who stock our replacement parts. They can be found on our website under the service center locator. You can also call ACT’s customer service department at 877-228-4247 and we will help you find a distributor in your area.

How can I become an ACT service center?

Contact our Service Department at 877-228-4247 to receive a copy of our service center application.

Where can I find a wiring or piping diagram for my system?

Most diagrams are available under the Service tab of our website. If you cannot find what you need. Please contact our Service Department at 877-228-4247.